The Lebanese Emigrant Monument Renovation

Sábado 12.06.21| Líbano | Comunicado emitido por la Embajada de México en Líbano


Today, a ceremony took place on occasion of the renovation of the Lebanese Emigrant Monument —located at Charles Helou Avenue, facing the Port of Beirut— and to commemorate the 76th anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Mexico and Lebanon.

The event was headed by Mr. José Ignacio Madrazo, Ambassador of Mexico; Mrs. Abir Ali, Director-General of Protocol and representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Zeina Akar. Other authorities, representatives of the Lebanese diaspora in Mexico and the Mexican community also participated in the ceremony.

In 2003, the Lebanese Center in Mexico —an association of Mexicans of Lebanese descent— sponsored the installation of this monument. The creator of the sculpture was Ramiz Barquet, a Mexican artist of Lebanese origin.

After the tragic explosions on August 4th 2020, the square where the sculpture stands was severely affected; however, the sculpture itself was not damaged. According to the Ambassador “many of us saw this as a metaphor for the great resilience of the Lebanese people and its diaspora.”

The Embassy of Mexico carried out a diagnosis of the damages and the Lebanese Center in Mexico offered its support to renovate the monument. The Municipality of Beirut allowed the works to be done on the square.

Approximately 700,000 people of Lebanese origin live in Mexico. 


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